Dr. Iris Orbuch - Laparoscopic SurgeonTestimonials for Dr. Iris Orbuch

"Dr. Orbuch is an extraordinary surgeon."
- Martha from New York

"Thank you for taking away my pain and frustration of the unknown and giving me back my quality of life."
- Janessa from New York

"I truly believe Dr. Iris Orbuch saved my life...and I would trust her in any situation."
- Eileen from NJ

"Dr. Orbuch is an expert in endometriosis and there is nobody that I would trust more."
- Perri from New York

​​"She is a consummate professional who believes in empowering her patients through education."
-Erin from New York​

"I have never met a doctor more caring and understanding to what hell I was going threw. After being misdiagnosed many times and suffering for most my life I finally am healing. Doctor Iris Orbuch gave me the chance of a new life! She's very patient,kind and detailed in explaining things I didn't understand and I knew exactly what I was or could get into during surgery."
- L. H. From New York

"I have suffered with extreme pelvic pain for the past seven years. After having six surgeries in the last ten years, I started to doubt my doctors and accept a life with pain. I was referred to Dr. Orbuch and instantly liked her. She was like a medical detective and ruled out all other possibilities. My surgery was a success and I am finally pain free.

Dr.Orbuch preformed a total hysterectomy plus removal of massive strictures just over five months ago, using robotic surgery. Since the months after the surgery Dr.Orbuch has continued to stay in touch with me. She is not only kind, personable and extremely talented, she also really cares about her patients. I never felt as if I was a number she always wanted to know how I was as well as how my life was going.

As kind as Dr. Orbuch is, her staff is also just as wonderful. Evette and the other women in the office always make me feel at home and comfortable. I only wish I had this experience at all my Dr.'s offices."
- Randi from NYC

"Struggling with endometriosis is something that has become a huge part of my life. Having a disease that can be so painful can be debilitating and scary, as well as frustrating. With so little understood about the disease and very few doctors that specialize in it, it is hard to get clear answers and very often I have found there to be little sympathy for those suffering with endo.

After three major surgeries in the D.C. area, I found myself in need of a fourth surgery in less than eight years and after a great deal of research was referred to Dr. Iris Orbuch. Meeting with Dr. Orbuch was a refreshing experience for me. In her, I found a doctor who was not only knowledgeable of the disease and a highly respected surgeon, but someone who took the time to thoroughly examine my case, understand and have sympathy for my personal challenges, and spent time with both my husband and I making sure all of our questions and concerns were answered. Dr. Orbuch was very thorough in her approach, brought together and coordinated a team of specialist to handle the different facets of my case, and made herself available to me before and after my surgery. I had no doubt about how much she cared about my surgery and recovery, and was touched by how much she cared about me personally.

I greatly appreciate the kindness and concern Dr. Orbuch showed toward my husband and I, as well as her expertise, and I am very thankful to have been under her care. I have and will continue to highly recommend Dr. Iris Orbuch to those suffering with endo, and hope that more doctors will follow in her footsteps."
- Alexa from New Jersey

"Dr Orbuch, in addition to raising the bar in the OR as a surgical miracle worker, she is the only doctor I ever had that got to know me on a holistic level- as a result, she is always able to recommend the best courses of treatment that will have the least amount impact on my lifestyle. Patient care doesn't get any better with Dr Orbuch at the helm."
- Amy from NYC

"Finding Dr.Iris Orbuch was a true blessing for me.  I went approximately 18 years undiagnosed with endometriosis.  Many years of pain and other symptoms that come with it.  In 2014 my symptoms became severe and debilitating, not just during my cycle but throughout the month, for two years.  My gynecologist preformed a hysterectomy and upon incision she discovered widespread endo.  I needed an emergency ileostomy because my colon was heavily involved.  I healed from all that but the problem was still there and my doctor didn’t have the skill set or knowledge to handle it.  So I turned to the internet for help.  There are very few doctors that are well versed in endo and how to treat it.  I found Dr. Orbuch and had a good feeling about her.  I was able to schedule a consultation with her quickly.  She read my medical records beforehand and listened intently to my story.  She also did a quick exam in office and immediately felt a large mass.

She knew my case was very serious and that she would need to put together a team of doctors to help me.  She directed me to Dr.Martz, a colorectal surgeon, and Dr.Palese, a Urologist.  She assured me that they were the best in their fields and that she would choose them for her own health if the need arose.  They were everything she promised.  Some of my symptoms weren’t consistent with endo and Dr.Orbuch urged me to go to my internist and push for testing.  So I did and during my endo journey I was also diagnosed with MS.  Dr.Orbuch was so supportive.  She has several clients with this dual diagnosis and has over the years been involved with MS charity events because of it.

So I was ready for surgery.  It can only be described as a well-oiled machine.  The entire team was wonderful.  Dr. Orbuch is a warm caring doctor and her bedside manner is awesome.  Prior to the procedure she explained everything that would happen and went over the possible risks.  The surgery went well, with each doctor taking turns in their area.  They cleaned out the vast majority of the endo as well as scar tissue from my earlier surgeries.  Unfortunately, my colon and bowel were heavily involved and I needed another ileostomy.  So Dr.Martz will take over my case from here.

Dr.Orbuch is the absolute best.  She is professional, knowledgeable, and skilled.  She also genuinely cares for her patients.  I am happy to report my pain level has significantly decreased.  My other endo symptoms have vanished.  I wish I had found her years ago."
- ​L.D. from NYC​

"I heard about Dr. Orbuch from someone I met on line that was conducting a support group for women with endometriosis in the New York City area. I had fibroids and a very bad case of endometriosis and had seen several doctors over the years that were only able to provide me with temporary relief of my symptoms. I had two major surgeries and was on lupron for several years. Dr. Orbuch was kind, patient and listened to my description of all my symptoms. She was very thorough in that she sent me for some other tests such as colonoscopy, mammogram, and bone density tests to check for ostopenia after years of lupron therapy. She also referred me to a general internist. After a thorough examination and discussion of all my options, Dr Orbuch scheduled me for surgery. My condition was worse than suspected and Dr Orbuch spent seven hours operating on me. It's been over two years since the surgery and I feel great. I don't think many doctors would have taken the time it required to excise all these endometriosis lesions, my fibroids and other presenting problems. She actually did several surgeries on me that day and I was out of the hospital within a couple of days.

I cannot say enough about her. I wish that all other women suffering from endometriosis could receive such good care. Thanks to Dr. Orbuch, there is hope for women living with endometriosis.

Sincerely with much appreciation."
- Gabrielle from New Jersey