Endo What? - The Highly Acclaimed 2016 Documentary about Endometriosis

Endo What?

Featuring Dr. Iris Orbuch

See Dr. Iris Orbuch in the new feature documentary by Shannon Cohn and her team, ENDO WHAT? 

For more information, visit http://endowhat.com.

Endo What Movie

Film review by Dr. Iris Orbuch
"Groundbreaking effort to educate women and society at large about a very prevalent disease. Approaching endometriosis via a multidisciplinary approach combining western and eastern medicine, nutrition as well mind-body restoration...A must see for every pediatrician, school nurse, gastroenterologist, gynecologist, psychologist,family practitioner, internist, mother, father, sister, brother, husband, spouse, boyfriend and girlfriend. Society must be educated properly about endometriosis and this is the film to finally do it! Finally a film to empower women to take control of their endometriosis."

- Iris Kerin Orbuch, MD

Get More Information on Endo What? here: http://endowhat.com


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